Diversify with Notes?

Notes are a great way to diversify an investor’s portfolio. In addition, factoring is a great way to spread capital over hundreds if not thousands of deals in different sectors. Diversification is not enough by its self, and we know this. We must follow our vetting system and due diligence, passing on deals that do not meet our standards. In addition to our process, we utilize trade insurance to help mitigate risk. We have strong profit margins with 2:1 gross profit margin on average. Purchasing notes is easy and straightforward. Investors can monitor and track their investments anytime through the company’s investor portal. We encourage you to compare this opportunity to others and do your research. We believe we have a competitive advantage with our team, systems, and experience. 

In the end, True Capital Notes unique approach to investing has benefited investors. In 2021, factoring was a 147.4 billion dollar industry. It is expected to grow 8.1 % annually. We see continued growth and opportunity. True Capital Notes will continue to thrive, and investors will enjoy the benefits of investing with us.